"Fast Acting Industrial Deoderizer"

Odor Edge is water based non-toxic industrial deodorizer concentrate containing all natural, aerobic microbes in a proprietary oxygenated Bio-Catalyst that eliminates strong foul odors at the source while delivering a pleasing fragrant fresh scent.
Odor Edge is different from other industrial deodorizers that just mask foul odors. Odor Edge is formulated to eliminate animal, chemical, food and petroleum based odors from permeable and hard surfaces.

Odor Edge works great for applications where animal, chemical, food petroleum based odors are found, such as in animal shelters and stockyards, garbage collections area and trash bins, sewage plants and septic tanks, chemical and petroleum storage area, spills on concrete floors, soil, sand, gravel, shells and odors in water.

Odor Edge effectively reduces and eliminates foul odors at the source. Odor Edge will not harm the environment and can be safely used around animals, fish, livestock, pets and people.

Odor Edge is an economically priced concentrate that can be used full strength or dilutes with water to the desired strength needed.

Odor Edge - Features

Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-flammable
Safe to handle, mild pH, no disinfectants, oxidizers or toxic chemicals, harmless to pump internals
Breaks down and eliminates foul odors. 100% biodegradable
Contains safe, all natural, non-pathogenic, aerobic microbes
Economically priced. Concentrated

Odor Edge - Typical Uses

Animal shelters and stockyards
Garbage collection areas and trash bins
Sewage plants and septic tanks
Chemical and petroleum storage areas
Spills on floors, soil, sand gravel and shells
Eliminate foul odors in water

Odor Edge - Purchase Options

5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Totes
330 Gallon Totes

Downloads / Technical Information
Technical Information
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Odor Edge - 5 Gallon Pail Offer

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