Ready to apply soil restorer and cleaner
"The easy-to-use, 1 step ready-to-apply soil restorer and concrete cleaner!"

Earthen Edge RTA is a ready-to-apply, bio-active fluid developed for application on soil and other permeable surfaces to eliminate unsightly oil stains, fumes, odors, and shallow hydrocarbon contamination.
Earthen Edge RTA is the best, most economical and all-natural method of restoring polluted soil. It is the perfect solution for business as well as individuals desiring to clean up their own property - eliminating both regulatory complications and the expense and liabilities of having to remove soil from the property.

Earthen Edge RTA is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-irritating to skin and lungs, and safe to use around people, pets, and plants. Unlike similar products that require a "kit", Earthen Edge RTA is a stand-alone product in a convenient ready-to-apply solution. It contains microbes, oxygen generating components and everything necessary for restoring both appearance and productivity of soil, grass, marshlands, and beaches.

Although primarily designed for use on soil, Earthen Edge RTA is also excellent for cleaning and removing unsightly oil stains from unsealed, porous concrete. Due to microbial activity, using Earthen Edge RTA as a cleaner provides many side benefits, including reducing slippery conditions, fumes, sheens, reducing sludge build-up in drains and sumps and inhibiting further environmental damage.

Earthen Edge RTA is easy to apply using common garden pump-up sprayers and commonly requires no special permitting. It is ideal for use around repair shops, machine shops, compressors, hydrocarbon sample points, fueling stations, driveways, equipment storage lots and anywhere unwanted hydrocarbons exist.

The microbes in Earthen Edge work well in consuming:
Acenaphthene Cyanide Organic Herbicides
Acrolein Dichlorobenzene Organic Pesticides
Acrylonitrile Diethylenegylcol Pentane
Alkylamine Oxides Ethylene Chloride Penoxyacetates
Biphenyl Grease Phenylureas
Brake Fluids Lubricating Oils Phthalate Esters
Chlorinated Phenols Monoalkylbenzenes Polycyclic Aromatics
Chloro Naphthalene Motor Oils Pulp By-Products
Chlorbenzene Nitrated Phenols Sec Alkylbenzene
Chloroform Oil Based Paints Trichloroethylene
The microbes in Earthen Edge work well in consuming:
Benzene Gasoline Kerosene
Branched Hydrocarbons Heating Oils Long-Chained Alkanes
Crude Oils Heptane Marine Fuels
Cutting Oils Hexane/Hexene Naphthalene's
Diesel Fuels Hydraulic Fluids Oil Based Fluids
Ethyl Benzene Hydrocarbons Toulene
Fluoranthene Isoprenel Vegetable Oils
Fuel Oils # 1-6 Jet Fuels Xylene
Brake Fluids Lubricating Oils Phthalate Esters
Earthen Edge - Features

All natural organic formula, 100% biodegradable
Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-irritating to skin, no fumes or odors
Contains natural, safe, "oil-consuming" microbes
Economical - only a fraction the cost of "dig and haul"
Easy to use, ready to apply - no mixing, training or special permitting required

Earthen Edge - Applications

Eliminate shallow contaminants in soil, grass, sand, and concrete
Remove unsightly oil stains from soil and concrete
Clean all water washable surfaces
Eliminate oil sheens on water
Reduce oil and sludge build-up
Bio-treatment for drains, sumps, and septic systems

Earthen Edge - Purchase Options

5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Totes
330 Gallon Totes

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Technical Information
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