Cleaner, Vapor Suppressant & Bio Treatment "Fast acting microbial cleaner, vapor suppressant & bio-treatment"

DaBugs is an aqueous based non-toxic cleaner concentrate containing aerobic, all natural, "oil-consuming" microbes. Microbes in DaBugs are completely safe, non-pathogenic and identical to those used for clean up of major oil spills worldwide.

Formulated utilizing advanced potent surfactants, DaBugs dissolves, lifts, encapsulates and naturally eliminates misplaced petroleum and food based hydrocarbons from permeable hard surfaces and water. Unique chemical characteristics of DaBugs cause comprehensive modifications in the physical properties of hydrocarbons, resulting in less volatile, cleaner environment presenting fewer liabilities.

During use, DaBugs inhibits release of VOC's, eliminates oil sheens, removes surface contaminants, and reduces hydrocarbon fluids into microscopic or "bite-sized" particles, facilitating faster transformation into harmless by-products of primarily carbon dioxide and water.

Microbes are carried with product and water into porous substrates, drains, sumps, separators or water systems, utilizing unwanted oils and harmful contaminants such as benzene as a food source. In circulating water systems, DaBugs controls or reduces oil build-up, plugged sprayer nozzles, foul odors, and algae, extending water life and greatly reducing required maintenance.

Additionally, unique physical properties of DaBugs inhibit free oils from attaching to solids or the walls of hard surfaces. Therefore, dirt sinks carrying less oil and oil floats carrying less dirt, significantly reducing sludge and grease build-up, reducing maintenance and promoting a more efficient operation. Microbial benefits increase with extended use, significantly reducing or eliminating stains and slippery conditions in concrete. DaBugs is useful any place food or petroleum hydrocarbon contamination presents a problem and/or occupational health and safety issues are of great concern. Dabugs can be used safely around people, pets, and vegetation and can be applied using mops, water pumps, sprayers, high-pressure washers, or floor scrubber machines. It is non-irritating to normal skin and will not harm machine internals.

Dabugs -easy to use for all types of cleanups! See Photos of Dabugs in Action!
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The microbes in Dabugs work well in consuming:
Acenaphthene Cyanide Organic Herbicides
Acrolein Dichlorobenzene Organic Pesticides
Acrylonitrile Diethylenegylcol Pentane
Alkylamine Oxides Ethylene Chloride Penoxyacetates
Biphenyl Grease Phenylureas
Brake Fluids Lubricating Oils Phthalate Esters
Chloro Naphthalene Motor Oils Pulp By-Products
Chlorbenzene Nitrated Phenols Sec Alkylbenzene
The microbes in Dabugs work well in consuming:
Benzene Gasoline Kerosene
Branched Hydrocarbons Heating Oils Long-Chained Alkanes
Crude Oils Heptane Marine Fuels
Cutting Oils Hexane/Hexene Naphthalene's
Diesel Fuels Hydraulic Fluids Oil Based Fluids
Ethyl Benzene Hydrocarbons Toulene
Fluoranthene Isoprenel Vegetable Oils
Fuel Oils # 1-6 Jet Fuels Xylene
Dabugs - Features

Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-butyl
Safe to handle, mild pH, harmless to pump internals
Breaks down and encapsulates hydrocarbons
100% biodegradable
Contains safe, all natural, non-pathogenic, select "oil-consuming" aerobic microbes
Economically priced. Concentrated

Dabugs - Typical Uses

Reduce slippery conditions and oil stains on permeable concrete
Inhibit release of VOC's for vessel entry
Control or reduce oil build-up, nozzle plugging, odors and algae in closed water systems
Reduce oil and sludge build-up in drains, sumps, separators
Eliminate oil sheens on water
Reduce or eliminate unwanted hydrocarbon wastes in soil, concrete and water
Eliminate foul odors at the source
Restore or maintain property appearance

Dabugs - Purchase Options

5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Totes
330 Gallon Totes

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